3 Things You Need to Know about I-beauty (Cosmetics & Toiletries)

3 Things You Need to Know about I-beauty (Cosmetics & Toiletries)

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Will I-Beauty replace J and K-Beauty? C&T talks with Italian beauty experts who remind us it’s no trend.  Is awareness the only thing standing between I-Beauty and N. American domination?

The country that gave us Leonardo da Vinci, pizza and Vespas is looking to add beauty to the list of its most famous global contribu­tions.

Beauty Made in Italy and the Italian Beauty Council (IBC) hosted their inaugural panel discussion, The Rise of I-Beauty: Heritage, Creativity & Innovation, at the Italian Trade Commission in New York City.

Moderated by WWD & Beauty Inc. executive beauty editor Jenny B. Fine, the panel included hairstylist and Coty global ambassador Rossano Ferretti; Linda G. Levy, president of the Fragrance Foundation; celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo; and Meredith Kerekes, head of the U.S. Beauty Desk at the Italian Trade Commission. Topics ranged from the history and innovation of I-beauty to the country’s noted manufacturing prowess and the unique challenges its brands face when entering the U.S. market. Here are three key takeaways from the event:

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