Chemicals Industry Getting Ready For Next-Generation B2B (Accenture)

Chemicals Industry Getting Ready For Next-Generation B2B (Accenture)

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This article from 2015 nicely summarizes the reasons why it is imperative for the chemical industry to provide an e-commerce experience that meets the needs of today’s buyers who are shaped by their experiences as consumers.  We’d love to know what customers think about the progress made over the last few years…

In the chemicals industry, electronic business-to-business (B2B) interactions between buyers and sellers typically rely on tools and techniques that have been in place for years.

Those tried-and-true approaches work, and they have brought greater efficiency and speed to transactions between companies and their business customers.

However, things are changing. Soon, the industry’s current approach to B2B—which traditionally focuses on sales transactions— may not be enough. Evolving technology and business practices and the changing expectations of chemical-company customers are quickly raising the bar for the industry’s B2B practices.

Soon, electronic commerce interactions in the chemicals industry will need to be richer, offer broader functionality, and encompass the end-to-end process of selling products—and they will need to be more customer-focused. To move to this next generation of B2B, chemical companies must adopt a broad range of digitally enabled processes and practices. Indeed, in the not-too-distant future, nearly all B2B processes will be digitized. This shift will enable companies to more effectively hone marketing efforts and reach customers.

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