Amazon’s Marketing Spend Soars to $8.2bn to Rival P&G and Unilever (Campaign)

Knowde Take:

Beer, cars and Kindles?  With it’s latest advertisements airing during the Super Bowl and a marketing budget that exceeded $8B last year, Amazon just joined the ranks of mega-marketers like P&G and Unilever!  Expect to see more Amazon offerings alongside those of your favorite personal care companies (or cars or beer).

Amazon hiked its marketing spend by 30% to $8.2bn (£6.3bn) last year, making it a serious challenger to Procter & Gamble and Unilever as the world’s biggest advertiser.

The tech giant said in its annual report that its marketing costs “primarily consist of targeted online advertising, payroll and related expenses for personnel engaged in marketing and selling activities, and television advertising”.

Amazon added that its marketing spend also includes promotional costs such as “commissions to third parties when their customer referrals result in sales” and “co-operative advertising arrangements with certain of our vendors and other third parties”.

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