BASF and B2B Cosmetics form personal care partnership (IE Industry Europe)

Knowde Take:

The personalization trend just met the vending machine…BASF and B2B Cosmetics’ latest technology allows users to create their own individualized personal care products which are then dispensed into a capsule selected by the user. No news yet on where we can expect to see the machines, but we’re guessing it won’t be a gas station!

Germany’s BASF and France-based B2B Cosmetics have formed an exclusive, long-term strategic partnership in the field of personalised personal care products, which includes a strategic investment into B2B Cosmetics by BASF.

Through this partnership, B2B Cosmetics will contribute a unique personalisation system, marketed under the name Emuage technology. BASF will bring in expertise in personal care solutions.

Individualisation of personal care products is a key global trend. To meet the growing demand, Emuage technology allows users to create their own individualised personal care products by simply choosing capsules, placing them into the machine and receiving the final product – for example for hair, sun or skin care.

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