Digital Marketing And Measurement Model (Occam’s Razor)

Knowde Take:

Avinash Kaushik’s blog, Occam’s Razor, is a fantastic resource for people getting started with their digital initiatives.  This article provides a simple 5-step process to help beginners structure their campaigns and measure success.

There is one difference between winners and losers when it comes to web analytics. Winners, well before they think data or tool, have a well structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model. Losers don’t.

This article guides you in understanding the value of the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model (notice the repeated emphasis on Marketing, not just Measurement), and how to create one for yourself. At the end you’ll also find some additional examples to inspire you.

Let’s go…

The root cause of failure in most digital marketing campaigns is not the lack of creativity in the banner ad or TV spot or the sexiness of the website. It is not even (often) the people involved. It is quite simply the lack of structured thinking about what the real purpose of the campaign is and a lack of an objective set of measures with which to identify success or failure.

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