Here are the latest features designed to make your time on Knowde awesome:

  • Properties and Claims – refine your results by properties, origin, physical form, certifications or by claims related to end-use or ingredient.
  • Formulations – over 8,000 searchable formulations are available on Knowde!  Just select the name or INCI of the ingredient you want then click “Focus On” and select “Formulations”. You can also find formulations in the drop-down menu of the search bar at the top of each page and on related producer pages.
  • Samples – our sample ordering process is faster than ever.  Our Concierge Team will personally expedite your sample requests and keep you posted on their progress so you can spend your time innovating!

Log in now to access these features or feel free to reach out to me directly.  I am happy to provide tips, troubleshoot issues and even schedule one-on-one training. Just let me know what you need and I’ll make it happen!



The Knowde Concierge Team
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