Exclusive: The The Laundress Founders Come Clean About Why They Sold To Unilever (Fast Company)

Knowde Take: Fashionable laundry detergent from Unilever?  Lifestyle home-cleaning company, Laundress, was just acquired for $100M. Read on to learn why this confluence of middle and high end makes sense. 

The inside story of how a consumer goods conglomerate bought an eco-friendly, fashion-forward laundry brand for a reported $100 million.

Back in 2004, the concept behind a little startup called The Laundress seemed kind of crazy: The brand pitched itself as a luxurious, fashionable laundry detergent company in a world where most people bought inexpensive grocery store brands. But 15 years later, The Laundress is a global phenomenon, creating a lifestyle brand around humble home cleaning products. The Laundress’s 51,000 followers on Instagram avidly scan pictures of marble-floored laundry rooms stocked with the brand’s white bottles of detergent, and racks of sparkly party outfits about to be laundered.

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