A Harvard-Trained Dermatologist Launches A Skin-Caring Luxury Hair Care Line (Forbes)

A Harvard-Trained Dermatologist Launches A Skin-Caring Luxury Hair Care Line (Forbes)

Knowde Take: Inspiring interview with Dr. Iris Ruben, the founder of skin-friendly hair care line: SEEN.  Despite a lucrative career as a Harvard-trained dermatologist, Dr. Ruben launched SEEN with the goal of reducing acne caused by pore-clogging luxury hair care products. Anyone else feeling like an under-achiever?

The secret to great skin may be better hair care, according to Dr. Iris Rubin, M.D.

Dr. Rubin is a board-certified dermatologist with laser and cosmetic fellowship training, a graduate of Harvard Medical School and a former pediatric laser surgeon at Children’s National Medical Center. Now, she’s adding beauty entrepreneur to her resume. As a dermatologist, she saw numerous patients with breakouts, including the anxiety and insecurities that come with them. It became a personal problem for Dr. Rubin when she experienced breakouts after salon visits. After some research, she traced the breakouts back to a surprising source: the salon’s high-level hair products. The products’ ingredients would rinse down the face and body in the shower, coming into contact with the face, neck, chest and back — often causing acne in these areas. They can also leave a residue on towels and pillowcases that can transfer to your face and body.

Dr. Rubin decided that she nor her patients should have to choose between beautiful hair and beautiful skin, thus Seen was born.  Seen’s breakthrough patented formulas are a game-changer that fuses hair care and skin care. The core technology in the Seen collection is based on a careful curation of ingredients – optimized and balanced to minimize pore-clogging. Seen products use many natural ingredients and safe synthetics when necessary to prevent skin irritation. They are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or dyes and are gluten-free. To achieve this balance between hair care and skin care — as well as all-natural and safe synthetics — took years of research and trials. The Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Seen explains what motivated her to search for and formulate this beauty solution. Dr. Rubin also shares why she left her dermatology career and leap into creating products for better skin and hair.

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