While online retail is enjoying a boom, m-commerce is the channel of choice

Knowde Take:

While B2C always leads on innovation adoption, the gap for B2B is narrowing. Imagine a buyer who is away from her or his desktop or tablet, realizing the need to place an order or request a sample. Having the ability to use a mobile device to do this would be a game changer.

M-commerce is the new e-commerce

With more people resorting to shopping from home than ever before, e-commerce platform sales are skyrocketing. Even before the recent health crisis forced everyone indoors, online sales figures were already accounting for 18 percent of all retail transactions performed in 2019. Nowhere is this transformation more clearly evident than in the take-up and implementation of mobile-first solutions. Enterprise mobility firm SOTI’s latest “State of Mobility in Retail” report makes it clear which will be the dominant sales channel moving forward: 67 percent of end consumers believe mobile tech is the best means of shopping online.

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