Setting a new course for an old industry

Knowde Take:

Now you’re talking our language! But if you’re a chemical manufacturer, why try to tackle this challenge alone?  Knowde has already built the world’s largest marketplace for chemicals, ingredients and polymers. Producers can have a leading-edge ecommerce platform, access to tens of thousands of procurement and R&D professionals, and the latest digital marketing capabilities in just weeks – without any capital expense.

A petrochemical manufacturer eyes growth online

While there is some activity among chemicals manufacturers and distributors to develop digital commerce technology and operations, it’s still far from the norm, industry experts say. Paul do Forno, managing director for the B2B ecommerce practice at global consulting firm Deloitte Digital, says his firm is helping three large corporations conceptualize and develop B2B ecommerce channels for their chemicals divisions. Do Forno isn’t free to name the clients but notes that each of them sees digital commerce as a must-have strategy. “They’re behind in ecommerce, and they want to get in there,” he says. “It is top of mind.” But other companies require more prodding, particularly at a time when chemicals companies without a digital strategy stand to fall behind emerging industry ecommerce sites and growing online chemicals industry marketplaces like, do Forno says. “Part of the urgency we share when talking to chemical companies is: ‘You better get your digital going or Amazon and other specialized marketplaces will eat your lunch.”

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