Is it Enough to Compete with Amazon?

Is it Enough to Compete with Amazon?

Knowde Take:

The reporter provides excellent analysis of Google’s plan: “These sweetened deals may help Google attract more sellers, but they’re not enough to give Amazon a meaningful run for its money in e-commerce. Why? Try finding some products on Google Shopping, and filter them under Buy on Google—you’ll see for yourself. The process is confusing, far from the seamless experience that’s now a basic consumer expectation.” Consumers – and businesses as well – are looking for a BETTER online shopping experience. If you can’t provide that, look to partner with someone who can.

Google Just Upped Its E-Commerce Game to Attract More Sellers

As the coronavirus has sent more shoppers online, Google, after several failed attempts in the past, is again trying to grow its share of the e-commerce market. The question is, will it work this time? Google said Thursday that it will drop commission fees for merchants that participate in its Buy on Google program, which allows consumers to search for and check out products directly on its platform without being directed to retailers’ pages. Google also said it’s opening its platform to third-party providers, starting with PayPal and Shopify, to give retailers more choices. In recent months, the search-engine giant also made it free for retailers to list products on Google Shopping in the U.S., on top of bringing those free listings to Google Search.


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