Chemical companies see the upside of being customer centric, but many struggle to get it right

Knowde Take:

For several years, chemical companies have been told by their customers: “Love your products, not the way you do business.” Some have mistaken their own inward focus for customer focus, and wonder why business results were going backwards instead of forward. Part of embracing customer focus is understanding where buyers are in the marketplace, and being there with the information, transparency and buying experience that customers want.

Almost Half of Chemical Companies Fear Losing Markets Due to Not Meeting Customers’ Needs, New Research from Accenture Shows

Despite seeing customer centricity ― i.e., the ability to anticipate and meet customer needs ― as a top priority, nearly half (46%) of chemical companies/suppliers say they’re struggling to get it right and fear competitors will take their customers, according to new research from Accenture.

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