Issue: Q3 – 2019

People in the Know(de)

Shilpi Jain

Founder & Formulator of Skinveda

Meet Skinveda’s founder.

1. What’s your story (how did you get into personal care, what do you love about being a formulator)?

I started by getting a master’s degree in chemistry, but long before that, I used to love making my own food-based masks with my mom (she also has a masters in chemistry!). After graduating magna cum laude, I spent 6 years working at a pharmaceutical biotech firm before landing a job in personal care. There weren’t a lot of opportunities in the industry then so I was totally elated and excited when it happened! Now, I find the best part of being a formulator is the hands-on experience, making your own products using your creativity and combining your knowledge of medicine and chemistry.

2. What is the most innovative project/or formulation you have ever worked on?

Hands down, a BB tinted cream with sunscreen that debuted at Whole Foods in 2013. I wanted an encapsulated micro-delivery system that would slowly release the active ingredient and also a high SPF with physical sunscreen ingredients suitable for people with sensitive skin. I also wanted the product to address the skin issues of multiple demographics. For instance, women with Asian and African background tend to have hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, while women of Caucasian background have age spots. Finally, I wanted to incorporate color matching technology in the pigment so it matches all tones. I haven’t seen another product that can address all these issues so it’s no surprise that everyone that tries it, loves it and continues to buy it!

3. What is your biggest pain point and how do you think technology can solve the problem

I think one of the biggest challenges is developing an all natural product that performs as well or better than one with synthetic ingredients, at the same cost, and while getting raw material quotes and samples on time! It’s always fun to take on this challenge but at the same time, you’re at the mercy of raw material suppliers. Knowde has been a blessing to me because it simplifies the process of finding ingredients, getting information and ordering samples. It really helps save time by filling some of the holes in the research and development process.

4. The floor is yours, what do you want people to know about you?

The origin and inspiration of Skinveda was my son. He had acute eczema in 2006 and my husband, a physician, suggested a synthetic ingredient with petrolatum. I refused to use it because of its occlusive nature and instead created a retention serum with biodentical compounds. My son is now 14 years old and hasn’t seen eczema since! This helped make me really passionate about finding solutions to skin problems and promoting health and wellness.


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