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Every human-made product on earth traces its roots to chemistry – from food to pharma, from Q-tips to qubits: chemistry makes every innovation possible. Can’t wait for that foldable phone? Thank DuPont. Have a kid and rely on baby wipes? Thank Lonza. Love solar shingles that can power your home? Thank Dow Chemical.

Everything you see or touch is possible because of chemistry. Chemicals impacts every market imaginable and is one of the top 5 largest industries in the world, yet this space has remained unchanged for decades. This is one of the few remaining industries that has not been modernized by the internet.

Knowde is transforming the $6 trillion chemical industry. We’re pulling this industry online by building a marketplace where people can crush the product innovation lifecycle down from years to days. We’re doing this by connecting customers and producers early in the product development lifecycle where they can research, discover, collaborate, negotiate and also purchase chemistry quickly and with a level of information transparency never before seen in this industry.

The products we will create together simply do not exist today. This is your chance to fundamentally affect how product innovation occurs globally across industries.

Unicorns Welcome!

Knowde is looking to add an immensely talented Head of Marketing who will define, build and execute the future of marketing in the raw materials industry. You’ll spend your day creating demand for Knowde in a way that surprises and delights our customers. We want magic. Oohs and ahhs. Smiles and flutters. This is your chance to apply the creative innovations born in B2C and use them to market to B2B customers. You’ll market in a way you’ve always dreamed about: You can take all those great ideas, the ones you tucked away in the back of your mind, the ones you’ve never been able to get approval to execute because they were too crazy or too innovative and bring them to life at Knowde.

About You

  • You are our first, official marketing hire, which makes you immediately think: F*%&ing awesome! You’re comfortable building from the floor up. You want to own marketing. You’ve always wanted to build your own marketing stack. You can grow and lead our marketing team as it evolves.
  • You’re a strategy/execution hybrid. You think! You do! You understand marketing strategy, but you love to be hands-on and obsess about seeing progress every day.
  • You know the distinctions between B2C or B2B don’t matter. People are driven by human desires and make decisions based on value and emotion. You want to foster this reality to Knowde’s advantage.
  • You love digital marketing. You’ve worked with CRM, marketing automation and sales automation. You know Google Analytics. You’ve executed paid, owned and earned campaigns. You understand digital funnels. And you can bring all of this experience into our product. Remember, Knowde itself is a marketing platform.
  • You understand startup software marketing. You’ve heard of terms like “growth hacking” and you’re savvy enough to know the difference between a hack and a real tactic that brings customers into the funnel. You understand product marketing tactics. You don’t need a massive budget to make things happen. You move fast.
  • You study data. You know exactly how many users we have today.  You know the MAU, WAU, DAU among other KPIs. You know MQLs, SQLs and conversion rates. If users churn, you’ll know why. You love studying what brings users back and what keeps them in.
  • You obsess about user personas. You’re able to put yourself in their shoes and think through the types of content that will engage and excite.  
  • You love creating content. You know that digital marketing and content marketing are almost synonymous. You can create content and messaging frameworks. You can write. And, you can direct others who love to write.
  • You are a visual thinker. You’ve worked with designers to make content pop. You know how to stimulate the eye, catch customer attention and offer a compelling story that converts them quickly.
  • You inherently understand that marketing is all about growth. Your job is to grow (engaged) users and grow sales. Own the lead management process. You can’t wait to give our inside sales team and business development team all the tools they need to win.

About Knowde

  • Knowde will accelerate the world’s innovation. So many startups claim that they will change the world. We actually are. They claim to be playing in multi-billion dollar markets. We actually are.
  • Knowde is going for it. Netflix vs Blockbuster. Wikipedia vs. Encyclopedia. Dropbox vs. files. You get the point.
  • Knowde has great leadership. We know this domain. We have years of experience. And, we have little appreciation for the status-quo. We have a wickedly large vision and we know that it will take a force-of-nature to pull it off. If there’s ever a team to do it, it’s the one you’ll be joining.
  • Knowde hires trailblazers. We understand the correlation between risk and reward. We think past the first logical answer. We love misfits.
  • Knowde will always be a startup. Everyone executes. We don’t hire managers; we hire doers. No one works 9-5. Everyone does the job of many. We’re scrappy. The team will remain as small as possible. We work in our own space. We hate anything that resembles big corporate thinking. We will always experiment. Everyone will share in our success. We will never be bound by ebitda.
  • Knowde believes that design and technology are magic.
  • We keep our promises. We do what we say we will do.
  • Knowde is a well-funded startup by leading investors in the Bay Area that deeply believe in our vision. Our core team is in San Jose and Seattle, but you can work from wherever it makes sense for you.

Skills We’re Looking For

  • 5+ years of marketing execution or demand generation experience
  • Familiarity with software product marketing
  • Experience with marketing a marketplace is a big bonus
  • Proficiency across all marketing channels (SEO, SEM, ads, social, email)
  • A passion for creating content and messaging that resonate emotionally with people.
  • Strong knowledge of marketing infrastructure (CRM, automation, analytics)

Education Requirements:

  • Show us that you’ve done it all before successfully, a few times
  • Formal education, especially in marketing, is great. But, not necessary.
  • We give the nod to people that love their craft and are on a constant search for ways to learn and get better.


  • Pay is competitive and commensurate with your knowledge and experience
  • Position will include benefits and equity


  • Seattle or South Bay. Work from our office or from your home, with in-office meetings when necessary.

How to Apply

  • Send your resume and a brief statement on why you want to work at Knowde to changetheworld@knowde.com with the subject line “Head of Marketing”.


Knowde does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

To apply for this job email your details to changetheworld@knowde.com