Lead Generation: Leveraging Existing Audiences

Contrary to popular belief, web traffic alone doesn’t improve your bottom line.

That seems obvious, but the fact of the matter is that many chemical companies put considerable time and energy into creating a great-looking website that does little more than serve as an electronic bulletin board, meaning it hosts a lot of useful information accessible to people that either know where it is located or stumble across it while performing a search.

Unlocking the true potential of a website means not only finding new ways to drive traffic to that location (see our blog: Why Your Web Site Can’t Do It All), but also, ensuring you capture key contact information that will help you nurture and convert those anonymous visitors into customers.

Today’s chemical producers often achieve that goal by password-protecting (or “gating”) their technical information and that is a viable way to secure contact information from some visitors.  It’s also a great way to disenfranchise the growing contingency of millennial buyers and researchers for whom information is viewed as a free resource and trust is a prerequisite for doing business.

Buyers that are unfamiliar with your company are far less likely to sacrifice their contact information and they are the very people you want to know (i.e. potential customers with business you don’t have yet)!

So…what can you do to accelerate your lead generation while you’re in the process of building trust?

There are numerous ways to cost-effectively generate leads online (see “The Benefits Of Online Lead Generation); however, there is one method that allows you to kick-start your online presence without consuming internal resources: leveraging the audience of websites that have already proven value to your target audience.

These companies, such as reputable industry news sources and sales and marketing platforms for chemicals, have the contact information you need to convert your visitors to customers and they will often freely provide it to you when you collaborate on business.  It’s sort of like posting your place on AirBnB; the platform provides the forum and new potential customers, you provide the product.

The additional exposure won’t detract from your own website.  On the contrary, it amplifies the reach of your brand and products and at the end of the day, you get a tidy prospect list.