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Who we are

Knowde is going after the largest market on earth. Chemistry. It’s the industry behind everything anyone ever created on this planet. It makes all innovation possible. Sound interesting?

What we want

We want a scrappy, hands-on, start-up minded creative talent who is equally comfortable in UX and UI design to work their ass off and grow our creative team into the envy of the industry

Where you work

You can work anywhere. Is it ok to work from our office? Yep. Is it ok if I work from home? Yep. Is it ok if I work from this hotel room while my partner surfs? You bet. Just get it all done and we’re good.

How it starts

Below you’ll find a job description. Have a look. If this sounds like you, shoot us your resume and link to your portfolio and we’ll be in touch. We can’t wait to meet you. This will be fun.

Lead Product Designer (UX/ UI )

Job Description

Join Knowde: Change the World

Every human-made product on earth traces its roots to chemistry – from food to pharma, from Q-tips to qubits: chemistry makes every innovation possible. Can’t wait for that foldable phone? Thank DuPont. Have a kid and rely on baby wipes? Thank Lonza. Love solar shingles that can power your home? Thank Dow Chemical.

Knowde is transforming the $7 trillion chemical industry starting with the creation of a rich marketplace where people can crush the product innovation lifecycle down from years to days. We’re doing this by connecting customers and producers early in the product development lifecycle where they can research, discover, collaborate, negotiate and purchase chemistries and products quickly and repeatedly with a level of information transparency never before seen in this industry.

Knowde is looking to add an immensely talented UX/UI designer to our product team who will help us invent, design, refine and deliver the products that will enable this digital transformation. The products we will create together simply do not exist today. This is your chance to fundamentally affect how product innovation occurs globally across industries.

Unicorns Welcome!

Our Lead UX/UI Designer will apply their natural visual and design talent to solve complex interaction design challenges. This talented team member will spend their days sketching, designing, prototyping and detailing glorious user experiences that surprise and delight our customers. We want magic. Oohs and ahhs. Smiles and flutters. This is your chance to design that interface you’ve always dreamed about. You can take those great UX ideas, the ones you have tucked away in the back of your mind, the ones you’ve never been able to get approval to build and bring them to life at Knowde.


About You

  • You’re a UX/UI hybrid: You’re a hands-on, gifted visual designer who loves the clarity and cleanliness that comes from exceptional UX.
  • You love Interaction design and have been designing online apps and sites for years.
  • B2B intrigues you and you’ve wondered what the world would feel like if the B2B UX was as appealing and engaging as B2C.
  • You love to own big projects and aspire to share your knowledge and experience with larger teams as you grow in your role.
  • You love UI design patterns, know them well and have contributed to pattern libraries yourself.
  • You pay attention to detail but don’t sweat it when things change.
  • You finish the work… dot those “I”s and cross those “T”s.
  • You work fast and hard and then move on to the next project.
  • You communicate often and don’t get defensive when asked to elucidate your design choices.
  • You are guided by experience and intuition but still make design choices and understand the reasoning behind them.
  • You are self-directed, self-motivated and thrive on collaborative independence where coming together to brainstorm feeds your focused work while detailing your design.
  • You love to solve complex problems with simple, elegant solutions.
  • You are skilled in the leading design tools including those for rapid prototyping like Axure, XD and others.
  • You understand how design systems are built. You know when to follow and when to break established interaction patterns. You champion consistency, flexibility, and reuse. You like Atomic Design, Sketch, and Zeplin.
  • You understand coding and, while you may not code yourself, you know how to produce designs that can be built within frameworks, using patterns that focus energy on what matters and differentiates.
  • You embrace mobile first and then work on the designs for folks still using desktops to get work done.

About Knowde

  • Knowde is a well-funded start-up based in San Jose but with work opportunities around the globe: Our core team is in San Jose and Seattle, but you can work from wherever it makes sense for you.
  • At Knowde, everyone owns the product and the product is our passion.
  • No one works 9-5. We’re a start-up.
  • We think big, move fast and have strong opinions.
  • We frame things up and expect you to fill in the blanks.
  • We are open to great ideas and are willing to experiment.
  • We believe in work flexibility and respect your need to work in your own space.
  • Everyone executes and delivers.
  • If you work with Knowde you will share in our success.


  • We design using Axure (http://www.axure.com/),
  • And, Adobe Creative Cloud…
  • And, pen, pencil and paper…
  • And, whatever else works that may be needed to get the job done – Zeplin, Webflow, Sketch.

Skills We’re Looking For

  • UI/Visual Design (color, line, type, shape, image, composition).
  • UX/Interaction Design (personas, flows, story maps).
  • Strong knowledge of user experience/user-centered design processes and methodology.
  • A passion for creating products and services that resonate emotionally with people.
  • 5+ years designing products end-to-end.
  • Experience designing B2B application and/or familiarity with common B2B business processes.
  • Ability to function as a project leader as well as an individual contributor.
  • Proficiency with visualizing, sketching, designing and prototyping user interfaces.
  • Updated on the latest techniques/trends/thinking within your field and ready to share your knowledge and thoughts with both colleagues and clients.
  • Ability to work within distributed, multidisciplinary teams.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills.

Day in The Life

  • Wake up! Do what you do.
  • Work with Product team and tech teams daily to stay in synch, answer questions, brainstorm and provide direction.
  • Depending on where we are at in the design cycles – personas, user flows, UX studies, mood boards, wireframes, design comps, quick user feedback studies, redlining, design documenting, quick final design QA review before go live.
  • Co-design with business team, then flesh out and detail the designs solo and present the same or next day. Lots of iterations.
  • Perform content analysis, task analysis, task modeling, and define usage scenarios that will help drive design requirements.
  • Create and document information design concepts and solutions by various means, including sketches, diagrams, maps, storyboards, and rapid prototypes.
  • Have fun and take care of yourself.

Education/Training Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, preferably in graphic design, information design, user interface design, fine art, industrial design, product design or another visual communications discipline.


  • Competitive salary
  • Equity participation
  • Benefits


  • Flexible base but prefer greater Seattle area. Work from our office flex space or from home studio with in-office meetings each week.

How to Apply

  • Send your resume and a link to your online portfolio to changetheworld@knowde.com with the subject line “Lead UX/UI Designer”.


Knowde does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


Register for a Knowde account and give the current system a try. It’s designed for chemists so you may find the products and concepts a bit unfamiliar. But we think you’ll be able to sense the power and potential of the platform.

Play it forward

Here’s a quick video to give you a feel of what we’re trying to achieve.

No, there’s no sound. Maybe your first project here?


We’ve started a revolution in one of the world’s oldest and largest industries. 

Did you ever wonder what it would have felt like to be the first design employee of Apple, Google, Nike, Facebook, DropBox, Spotify or Netflix? 

You ready to find out?

Design is an opportunity

We want to create something that changes the way the whole world innovates.

 Are you up for that too?