The Benefits Of Online Lead Generation

The Benefits Of Online Lead Generation

The chemical industry has long-relied on the most traditional (and expensive) of sales methods: the outside sales person.  Considering salary and travel costs, you can expect to spend between $300 to $500 per contact and while the average conversion rate for offline face-to-face customers is a respectable 40%, you might ask yourself how those figures stack up against those associated with online leads…

Online lead generation plays a critical role in successful chemical producers’ marketing strategies.  Why?  Because while the average conversion rate is a modest 18.5%, the cost of lead generation is just $25-30 per contact and users have the capability to quickly reach as many members of their target audiences as they’re able to identify!

Additionally, there are numerous ways to generate online leads so you need not rely on a sole source of lead generation.  Deployed in the appropriate ways and situations; email marketing, website calls to action, high-quality content gating, business blogging and paid advertisements can all generate quality leads for your sales team.

Some general thoughts on their unique values are as follows:

Channel:                              Why:
Email Marketing                  Automation allows you to quickly and economically reach large numbers of customers.  Careful targeting and strong CTAs increase conversion rates.

Search Marketing                Organic search offers the most bang for your buck over time.  You’ll invest in website creation up front, but there is no end to the leads you can generate by increasing                                                your search engine ranking and exposing your content to customers early in the buyer’s journey.

Social Marketing                 Another great way to build trust and brand loyalty, social marketing has the added benefit of allowing you to gain followers that will see your content whether or not                                                  you’re paying to promote it.  Avoid shameless self-promotion and you’ll see even more gains over time as all the content you create can be shared with those followers.

Content Marketing             Allows you to engage customers and build brand loyalty through the provision of high quality, helpful information and once you become a thought leader, you can                                                     expect to generate even more “free” traffic through social channels.

In summary, offline efforts are still critical to maintaining your funnel (for one, they can engage and convert at much higher rates), but the numbers send a very simple message: online lead generation cannot be ignored if you want to promote the health of your sales funnel in the chemical industry of today.

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