Stability Testing Guidance for Product Safety and Shelf-life Insight (Cosmetics & Toiletries)

Knowde Take: Formulators will appreciate this important reminder about formulation stability guidelines. They may not be as exciting as the latest trends, but they are critical to maintaining a strong brand reputation because nothing says “dodgy” like unstable shelf products :).

While it is generally good manufacturing practice, neither the U. S. Food and Drug Administ­ration (FDA) nor the European Commission require cosmetic manufacturers to conduct stability testing on products before commercially marketing them. Regardless, routine stability testing can provide cosmetic manufacturers critical data about their product’s safety and shelf life.

Such information can prove useful to companies both externally and internally; externally in terms of creating successful products, and internally in terms of product development, material procurement and management, and lifecycle management. This paper provides an overview of the basics manufacturers should consider when developing a stability testing protocol for cosmetic products.

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