Procter and Gamble offshoot Opté is launching a beauty wand to banish blemishes (DIGITAL TRENDS)

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Knowde Take: If Cinderella asked for perfect skin…P&G’s Opté Beauty Wand was the star of this year’s CES.  The device scans and identifies skin discolorations then deposits a small amount of product to effectively cover imperfections.  The result: skin that is even toned and natural with minimal use of makeup!  Bibbidi-bobbidi-awesome.

Well, we have smart mirrors to tell us who’s the fairest of them all, so why not a beauty wand to spirit away age spots? That seems to be the point of the new Opté Precision Skincare system, a new product produced by a Procter and Gamble-backed startup being promoted at CES 2019.

Once known as the Opté Beauty Wand, the digital skin care device is pretty cutting-edge. The device uses a digital camera with blue LED lights to scan and detect areas of skin discoloration, enabling the on-board camera to see up to three times more pigmentation than the human eye. The aforementioned digital camera captures 200 skin images per second, resulting in about 24,000 pictures of skin analyzed with each use.