Unilever Is Working On A Cross-Media Measurement Model To Help Gauge Campaign Effectiveness (ADWEEK)

Knowde Take: A  multi-channel approach is critical to engaging today’s customers so it’s no surprise that Unilever is working on building a cross-media measurement model to better gauge their campaigns’ overall performance. Efficient, smart and waaay past the capabilities of most companies who collect (then sit on) big data.  

Google, Facebook and Twitter are all on board

Unilever is working on building a cross-media measurement model for measuring the impact of marketing campaigns across the advertising ecosystem, an ambitious project that will be the first measuring system of its kind.

The plan, which is aimed at better measuring who sees digital campaigns, the reaction to those campaigns and the impact of the campaigns, has the support of Facebook, Google and Twitter, representatives of which said in statements that they would work together with Unilever to help create a measurement solution

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