The Statistic That Proves Your Website Can’t Do It All

Your Website Can’t Do It All

78% of B2B buyers start with a Google search.  Why not take advantage of that critical opportunity?

Today’s world affords buyers with multiple resources of high quality information.  Savvy chemical producers are tapping into those resources to generate more leads.

Producers looking to optimize their share of the $800B U.S. chemical market understand they need to take every opportunity to reach customers that are early in their buying journey.  That means ensuring their websites are optimized and employing a multi-channel approach to marketing which includes making products available on industry websites that serve as resources for buyers and researchers.

Think you don’t need anyone else’s platform?  Try Googling “iPad” or “Apple products” then count the number of websites that appear on the first page of results.

Even the most well-known companies use multiple platforms to market their brands and products because it increases exposure to potential customers and drives more traffic to their own website.  The formula is simple.  More channels = more traffic = more leads.  Enough said.