Issue: Q2 – 2019

People in the Know(de)

Lynnette Greber

R&D – Formulation Scientist, Kao Corporation

Meet Lynnette Greber with Kao!

1.What’s your story (how did you get into personal care, what do you love about your job)?

I’ve always had an artsy creative side, but when I graduated with a BS in Biology, I wasn’t aware of all my career possibilities so I started working in clinical laboratories in the medical field. I eventually become so unhappy with the lack of creativity that I came up with an extreme plan to save money, quit my job, move away to a cool city, and start working at a makeup counter! It was while researching those possibilities that I came across an article online about ‘Cosmetic Science’ and when I learned the University of Cincinnati had one of the top programs in the nation, I applied to the Cosmetic Science Master’s Program. I started school just two months later and began interning for Kao USA, Inc. 4 months after that. I’ve since been hired as a Formulator for Jergens lotion, and the rest is history.

What I love most about Kao USA, Inc. is that their vision aligns with mine. They want to make women feel beautiful and they accomplish that by combining cosmetics and science. I also love being creative on the bench and feel especially rewarded when I get to talk to women about their skin and how beautiful something I’ve formulated makes them feel.

2. What industry pain points would you like to see addressed by new technology?

I would love to see personal care product consumers be more informed about the ingredients in their products. In my career, I often encounter online articles about ingredients and their side effects that lack scientific backing. Additionally, there are few free certified resources available to consumers who want to look up ingredients for themselves. I would love to see consumers utilize those resources more and/or for online articles to cite published scientific research. That type of transparency will ultimately build trust between industry professionals and their consumers.

3.  Do you anticipate using any new technologies over the next 12 months? What are they?

Yes, I obviously plan to use Knowde in the next 12 months to identify and sample ingredients for new product development! (smile)

I am also always exploring the next best thing to enhance the product development journey so I am thrilled about the new and exciting Jergens products that will be launching in 2019!

4.  The floor is yours, what do you want people to know about you?

Starting January of 2019, I will be the Chair for the Ohio Valley Society of Cosmetic Chemists where I aspire to expore our local chapter members to interesting speakers, create unique opportunities to bond and network, and celebrate the NextGen initiative from the National Society of Cosmetic Chemists chapter by engaging our Cosmetic Science Students from the University of Cincinnati and University of Toledo!

I am also enrolled in the Cincinnati Spanish Academy where I have been learning to speak Spanish since May 2018. The Hispanic population in the United States is projected to grow significantly in the forthcoming decades and it is important to me to be able to communicate with this growing segment of consumers in an effective and meaningful way. Plus, learning a new language is fun!

Lastly, I volunteer regularly for City Gospel Mission and the Junior League of Cincinnati because I believe it’s my obligation to help women in a way that goes beyond their skin.


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