Evera By Citrosuco is now on Knowde

Evera By Citrosuco opens a storefront on Knowde

SAN JOSE, CA – June 28, 2023 – Natural ingredients innovator Evera By Citrosuco has launched a storefront on Knowde, the leading digital customer experience platform for ingredients, polymers, and chemicals.

Evera By Citrosuco develops and manufactures healthy, sustainable, clean-label and plant-based ingredients designed to meet the needs of companies that manufacture foods, beverages, personal care products, and cleaning products for the household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) markets. 

The company’s key brands include: 

  • Fiberfeel, a line of ingredients that add natural fiber and a creamy, smooth texture to foods, beverages, snacks, and specialized nutrition products, and, 
  • Tastelift, a portfolio of natural orange ingredients that add flavor and aroma to a wide range of products.

“As part of our sales and marketing strategy, our storefront on Knowde enables us to expand our digital presence and offer customers another way to find and buy our ingredients,” said Alex Schuermanss, Commercial Director for Evera By Citrosuco. “Knowde also gives us the opportunity to expand to new markets and reach even more potential buyers.”

With Knowde, formulators, research and development (R&D) professionals, and procurement teams can search for Evera By Citrosuco ingredients, request documents, order samples, receive quotes, and access experts who can answer technical questions. Sign-up is always free for R&D and procurement professionals at www.knowde.com.

“Knowde is the first company to build software tools that transform how companies across every industry discover, engage, and transact with ingredient, polymer and chemical suppliers online,” said Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer for Knowde. “For suppliers, our platform is unlocking new revenue streams and creating sustainable paths to growth. For customers, we’re helping fast-track innovation and improve efficiency.”

Knowde makes it easier for suppliers like Evera By Citrosuco to reach and engage buyers, nurture leads, and capitalize on new business opportunities, all while lowering their cost of sales. Knowde offers sellers the technology they need to move online quickly to get in front of their target buyers, and advanced analytics to inform data-driven decision making. 

Suppliers interested in having a storefront on Knowde can contact Haas at dan@knowde.com

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About Evera By Citrosuco

Evera creates clean-label, plant-based and natural beyond nature ingredients that allow all kinds of industries around the world to develop healthier and more sustainable products. Our 100% natural portfolio includes innovative texture enhancers for replacing texturizers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, boosting fiber levels and FTNF orange oils and essences for boosting taste and freshness.

Like Citrosuco, Evera is focused on generating sustainable value. All our raw materials come from orange farms that are SAI Platform certified, ensuring their traceability and sustainable origin. For more information, visit https://everaingredients.com.

About Knowde

Knowde is the digital customer experience platform designed specifically for the ingredient, polymer, and chemical industries. Over 8,000 of the world’s largest suppliers and distributors trust Knowde to accelerate their digital transformation and drive business growth. Knowde’s software unlocks the power of product data, allowing businesses to enable their internal teams, power their internal tools, deliver amazing customer experiences on their websites, and expand their reach by listing their products on the industry’s largest marketplace. Knowde is backed by top-tier investors, including Coatue, Sequoia Capital, Refactor Capital, Bee Partners, Cantos Ventures, Sound Ventures, TQ Ventures, K5 Global, Mantis VC, Knollwood, 8VC, and FJ Labs. For more information, visit www.knowde.com.

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