Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. is now on Knowde

Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. opens a storefront on Knowde

SAN JOSE, CA – JULY 26, 2023 – Looking for a natural solution for adding deep cleansing, detoxification, rejuvenation, and revitalization benefits to personal care and cosmetic products? Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. has launched a storefront offering Glacial Marine Clay (INCI: Sea Silt or Canadian Colloidal Clay) from Canada on Knowde

Formulators, cosmetic scientists, procurement professionals, and wholesalers can now source natural Glacial Marine Clay from the leading digital customer experience platform for ingredients, polymers, and chemicals.

“Our hand-harvested, solar-dried, powdered Glacial Marine Clay is offered in its purest form, with no additives, thus making it ideal for skin and personal care companies as well as soap-makers,” said Robert Fuller, President of Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. “Our storefront on Knowde will help us reach new markets and companies looking for sustainable ingredients. Glacial Bay Organic Clay is manufactured using an environmentally friendly process to meet customers’ expectations for natural skin care products from eco-friendly supply chains.”

Glacial Marine Clay is harvested underneath an active glacier on the West Coast of Canada, without the use of any machinery.  Unlike any other clay,  oceanic nutrients combine with more than 50 essential trace minerals to create this healing clay, which has an average particle size of  10-20   microns. This powerful combination of small particle size, minerals, negative cation charge, and oceanic nutrients produces unique skin products with deep cleansing, exfoliation, and detoxifying qualities. 

It can be easily incorporated into a wide range of skin product formulations, including facial masks, cleansers, balms, foundations, mineral makeup, lip gloss, deodorants, moisturizers, sunscreens, mineral makeup, and more. It can also be used in spa applications, such as facial masks, body wraps, body and foot scrubs, and mineral baths.    

Knowde enables formulators, cosmetic scientists, and buyers to search for Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. clay, request documents, and order samples. Sign-up is always free for R&D and procurement professionals at

“Knowde enables companies like Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. to connect with personal care and cosmetics company researchers to bring products to market faster by making it easier than ever to find the ingredients they need,” said Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer for Knowde. 

Suppliers interested in building a storefront on Knowde can contact Haas at

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About Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. (GBOC)

GBOC is a raw material supplier of Ecocert  COSMOS-certified Glacial Marine  Clay powder to the cosmetic industry. As the only company in North America harvesting glacial clay without using machinery, GBOC practices an environmentally sustainable process, which includes hand harvesting at low tide, solar drying in their 45,000 sq. ft. greenhouses to a powdered form, and then screening into an ultra-fine powder with an average size of below 20 microns.

The Company owns 750-acre mineral claims which are located in two separate and remote areas on the  West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. It has a long-term agreement with the First Nations to pass through their territory and harvest their clay resources. Part of the revenues is given back to protect the grizzly bear habitat and support fish hatcheries in the area. For more information, visit

About Knowde

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