Tagra is now on Knowde

Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd. opens a storefront on Knowde

SAN JOSE, CA – MARCH 14, 2023 – Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd., a leading producer of innovative, patented microencapsulated actives, pigments, essential oils, and sunscreen agents, has launched a storefront on Knowde, the only digital marketing and sales platform built for the ingredients, polymers, and chemicals industry.

Tagra’s patented microencapsulation technology enables the stabilization, protection, and release of more than 40 actives and pigments widely used in cosmetics and over-the-counter preparations. Its latest product lines include DeeperCaps™, a groundbreaking microencapsulation technology dedicated to darker skin cosmetics.

With Knowde, cosmetic formulators and procurement professionals can search for Tagra ingredients, request documents, order samples, and access experts who can answer technical questions. Sign-up is always free for cosmetic scientists and procurement professionals at www.knowde.com.

Knowde makes it easier for suppliers like Tagra to reach and engage buyers, nurture leads, and capitalize on new business opportunities, all while lowering their cost of sales. Knowde offers sellers the technology they need to move online quickly, targeted digital marketing and social media campaigns to drive traffic to their storefronts, and advanced analytics to inform data-driven decision making. Suppliers interested in having a storefront on Knowde can contact Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer, at dan@knowde.com

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