Trautec is now on Knowde

SRHC biomaterials leader Trautec opens a storefront on Knowde

SAN JOSE, CA – OCTOBER 23, 2023 – Trautec, a pioneer in the development and manufacture of recombinant human collagen (SRHC) products, has launched a storefront on Knowde.

Formulators, cosmetic scientists, research and development (R&D) professionals, and procurement teams in the medical, personal care, and cosmetics industries can now source Trautec’s SRHC-based biomaterials – which are produced by biosynthesis – on the leading digital customer experience platform for ingredients, polymers, and chemicals. 

“With the market for functional skincare growing at a rapid rate and the need for recombinant collagen expanding because of its stability and effectiveness as well as wide application to the medical, healthcare and cosmetics fields, our storefront on Knowde will help us meet customers where they are online,” said Wen Huang, Business Development Manager for Trautec.

SRHC biomaterials, which are zoonosis-free and less immunogenic, offer specific functions and benefits for skin, including a greater absorption efficiency due to its lower molecular weight and a neutral pH level that allows it to be compatible with most personal care and dietary supplements. 

Trautec’s Knowde storefront makes it easy for formulators, cosmetic scientists, R&D professionals, and procurement teams to search for ingredients, request documents, order samples, and access experts who can answer technical questions. Sign-up is always free for R&D and procurement professionals at

“Knowde makes it easier for suppliers like Trautec to reach and engage buyers, nurture leads, and capitalize on new business opportunities, all while lowering their cost of sales. Knowde offers sellers the technology they need to move online quickly to get in front of their target buyers, and advanced analytics to inform data-driven decision making,” said Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer for Knowde.

Suppliers interested in building a storefront on Knowde can contact Haas at

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About Trautec

Founded in 2015, Trautec is a clinical medicine oriented recombinant collagen whole industry chain platform company with biosynthesis and medical device transformation platforms. With five authorized patents of recombinant collagen core sequence, the company is focused on R&D, production and sales of new biomaterials, innovative proteins, nucleic acid drugs and foods. Our headquarters in Jiangsu, China is build on a 100,000 square feet facility with over 17 million dollars invested in research and development of synthetic recombinant human collagen (SRHC) production alone. The company has an excellent team of experts with a collective of independent intellectual property rights for development of recombinant collagen.

With the mission of “technology close to life, creating a healthy future,” we continue to create and lead the innovative development and industrial application of recombinant collagen biomaterials by combining innovation drive and professional R&D power with the precipitation in medical device and biomaterial manufacturing technology. Our company is committed to further expand the application of SRHC through innovation and make SRHC universally accessible and applicable for the personal care industry, primarily in the cosmetics and medical regeneration segments. As SRHC continues to evolve, our commitment will always be adhere to the same principles: be at the forefront of SRHC while bringing a sustainable collagen-based biomaterial that is effective and safe. For more information, visit

About Knowde

Knowde is the digital customer experience platform designed specifically for the ingredient, polymer, and chemical industries. Over 8,000 of the world’s largest suppliers and distributors trust Knowde to accelerate their digital transformation and drive business growth. Knowde’s software unlocks the power of product data, allowing businesses to enable their internal teams, power their internal tools, deliver amazing customer experiences on their websites, and expand their reach by listing their products on the industry’s largest marketplace. Knowde is backed by top-tier investors, including Coatue, Sequoia Capital, Refactor Capital, Bee Partners, Cantos Ventures, Sound Ventures, TQ Ventures, K5 Global, Mantis VC, Knollwood, 8VC, and FJ Labs. For more information, visit

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