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“Every industry in the world depends on chemicals, and the traditional way of doing business is no longer working. It’s critical to re-shape the way marketing and sales are done in the chemical industry, and Knowde is leading the transformation.”

Ali Amin-Javaheri, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Knowde

A better way to find the right ingredient, polymer or chemistry

SAN JOSE, CA – JUNE 1, 2021 – For a researcher developing a new product, time is of the essence. For a supply chain manager who needs to keep manufacturing lines humming, access to key ingredients is critical. In either case, the process for acquiring necessary materials can be frustrating — especially for smaller companies.

While big brands and manufacturers typically have the ear of suppliers, many businesses are referred to distributors or left to research multiple web sites to find what they need. The process can be slow, and getting documents, samples, and answers to questions can be challenging. Even when distributors are helpful, they may not have needed products: the largest distributors represent fewer than 200 chemical companies.

Now with more than 2,000 storefronts and 100,000 products — more than any distributor, marketplace or middleman organization — San Jose-based Knowde has become the go-to place for ingredients, polymers and chemistry.  

“Every industry in the world depends on chemicals, and the traditional way of doing business is no longer working. It’s critical to re-shape the way marketing and sales are done in the chemical industry, and Knowde is leading the transformation,” said Ali Amin-Javaheri, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Knowde.

Knowde is the first digital platform to enable research and development (R&D) professionals and buyers to search, learn, engage, sample, quote and purchase from every major producer on earth, all in one place. With Knowde’s proprietary search functionality, it’s possible to explore by chemistry, application, function, technical properties and more in order to find the right product quickly. 

For R&D professionals, this means shorter time-to-market for new product development. For buyers, the task of finding adequate supply in the event one producer can’t deliver products is now much easier.

“Many chemical companies understand what their customers are going through, but it’s extremely difficult for them to implement an effective digital strategy quickly, and without having to spend millions of dollars,” said Amin-Javaheri.

Knowde offers these companies the technology required to move online quickly and meet the new needs of customers who want a better online buying experience. Knowde also supports manufacturers with all of the targeted digital marketing and social media tools necessary to drive traffic to their storefronts, including self-service marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

“Knowde is much more than a smart search engine for products,” said Amin-Javaheri. “We understand that customers want greater transparency, improved communication, and better access to information. Knowde provides all of that, plus KnowdeConcierge™, a service that facilitates requests for information, documents, samples and quotes — all for free.”

Tens of thousands of R&D professionals and buyers are already on Knowde.  Each month, they conduct 295,000 searches and request nearly 6,000 samples and 1,200 quotes. KnowdeConcierge™ assists buyers with more than 500 requests for information each month, ranging from “how to” inquiries (how do I order samples, etc.) to complex questions (e.g., guidance on finding replacements for discontinued products).

Recently, Knowde introduced enhanced filters, features and tools designed to make its cutting-edge online buying experience even better and faster.

“From technical questions to requests for quotes, the process can be frustrating for a buyer. Did my request for information go through? When will I receive my sample? Knowde takes all of the guesswork out and facilitates communications with sellers,” said Amin-Javaheri.

For companies with multiple buyers, Knowde provides tools for collaboration and saved searches, with the information available only to registered users for those companies.

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Located in Silicon Valley, Knowde is a digital marketplace built for chemistry. As Amazon, eBay and others have modernized and changed the way we research and buy products, so too is Knowde bringing this same revolutionary change to the world of ingredients, polymers and chemistry. For additional information about Knowde, visit

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